Tony Wittman pleads guilty to storming animal shelter to get his cat

This commando went cuckoo for his kitty.

A former Australian soldier admitted he infiltrated an animal shelter in full combat gear, then threatened a woman with a fake assault rifle to try to find his cat, reports said.

Tony Wittman, 45, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges including false imprisonment for breaking into the Lost Dogs’ Home outside of Melbourne on Jan. 11, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Under the cover of dark and in camouflage, he forced a 23-year old worker to her knees and tied her hands behind her back.

“If you do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you,” he allegedly told the woman.

He made the terrified worker count to 100 as he left the shelter without his cat.

The gun was originally said to be a real firearm, but the charges against Wittman were amended to say it was a fake, the Herald reported.

Tony Wittman allegedly barged into an animal shelter in full armor and threatened to shoot a worker in Melbourne, Australia.

Wittman called the shelter earlier that day at 5:50 p.m. – 10 minutes before closing, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. The shelter couldn’t locate his cat and told him to come the next morning to retrieve it, ABC said.

But he didn’t wait.

Tony Wittman with his cat.
Tony Wittman was able to get his cat before being arrested.

Wittman came back that night to scope out the building and assess where security cameras were located, the station said. Hours later, he cut through a fence with a flashlight and confronted the woman inside, News 9 reported.

The following morning he came back to get his cat and ended up in cuffs.

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