Tyke miraculously survives getting run over by combine harvester


You could say he’s one fortunate son.

Nail-biting new footage shows the moment a child in China was run over by a combine harvester — and lived to tell the tale.

The CCTV clip from Bozhou, of the Anhui province, begins as the tot is helping his father dry grain on the side of a busy street, Newsflare reported. Things go a-rye when the kid decides to visit his mother on the other side of the road, but fails to see an approaching combine harvester due to a large parked truck obscuring oncoming traffic.

Thinking the coast is clear, the oblivious tyke dashes out into the street, whereupon the grain-thresher barrels into him, causing the boy’s relatives to cry out in horror.

CCTV footage captured the incredible moment a child in Anhui, China was run over by a combine harvester — and came away with only minor injuries.

Miraculously, however, the truck misses his head with its sharp prongs — instead clipping the child with the blunt part of the apparatus between the tines. In an added bit of improbability, the child tumbles under the agricultural vehicle without getting crushed by the wheels.

The camera remains focused on the boy as he picks himself up like nothing had happened, whereupon his relieved parents rush over and swoop him up off the road. The clip ends with all three embracing as the lucky kid bursts into tears.

According to Newsflare, he came away from the incident with only minor scratches.

This isn’t the first time a kid in China has survived getting hit by a car. In an incredible near miss in Zhaotong City in 2016, a young child was left virtually unscathed after getting struck by a vehicle after falling out of his parents’ minivan.


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