Unions push NJ teachers to commit blatant violations of student, parent privacy


Unbelievable: Training materials sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association urge teachers to share student and parent information with a private company favored for political work by progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

More, the trainers promise gift cards to New Jersey teachers to log the contact info and vaccination status of students and their parents with the Reach app.

Yes, it’s nominally in a good cause: Reach’s political organizers are supposed to follow up to book vax appointments or persuade the hesitant to get jabbed. But that hardly excuses a gross violation of privacy rights and of educators’ ethical obligations.

This is how politicized and sanctimonious the teachers unions have grown: They see no issue with sharing others’ personal contact and medical info with political consultants.

As Jersey state Sen. Holly Schepisi told Fox News: “To put our teachers in the untenable position of using their ‘trust and influence’ over children and their parents to persuade them to make personal medical decisions” is dubious enough. But to “encourage teachers through gift cards to input the names, addresses and vaccination status of these children and parents into a searchable political progressive database” is “an unconscionable breach of privacy and ethics.”

Made to Save, the nonprofit behind the initiative along with the two unions, insists the data will only be used for its pro-vaccination purposes — but even if no data breach ever occurs, this remains a massive outrage. That none of those involved even saw this is simply damning.


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