Venom 2: Will MCU Spider-Man Tom Holland be joining the cast of the movie.

All about the Venom and the its coming

First to be introduced in the Spider-Man Universe, Venom is a Marvel Comics Character. The first launch of the character was in Sony Spider Man. Giving a good business and capable of a good solo movie where the fans can see Tom Hardy playing a lead role.

The more likely success at the box office of Sony Venoms film, the audience where eagerly waiting for a sequence. Whereas, humor too the sequel much before Venom hit the theaters. Giving a tuff competition and earning more money at the box office, the Tom Hardy Spider Man spin-off was a hit. It gave competition to movies like Dead pool 2 and Galaxy.

Venom 2: Trailer and Release date

Earlier confirmed to release in October 2020, yet no news came for any change or rescheduling of dates. Hopefully if all goes well we can have the sequel to Venom 2 in October 2020, almost after 2 years after the first Venom.

Venom 2: Cast and Crew. Will the show Venom Season 2 have Tom Holland in it.

The sequel will be directed by New director on board Andy Serkis. It is confirmed that there will be a lot action and thrill in upcoming sequel.

It will be quite unfair to imagine Venom 2 without Tom Hardy. So as per the recent reports Pascal confirmed that Tom Hardy and his character in movie as Eddie Broke will surely return. Returning in the second part of the movie we also have Michelle Williams playing as Eddie Broke ex-wife. Michelle William will be playing the character of Anne Weying. If reports are to be believed the James Bond star Naomie Harris have been approached for a role.

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