Vidhi Pandya wants the housemates to get food on time


“Bigg Boss” house is a very tricky place. Ask any ex-contestant and they will definitely say that the show has taught them a lot, not just about themselves and basic human nature, but also the basic necessities which we often take for granted, for example food. The contestants in the house get a fixed ration and have to survive on it for a limited duration, so with that in mind the housemates who are on kitchen duty try their best to prepare food on time, and cook enough so that no one goes hungry, which quite often means them having not enough food.

In the latest episode of “Bigg Boss” we saw Vidhi Pandya going up to Donal Bisht and asking her to help Tejasswi Prakash in preparing eggs for the housemates. It was earlier seen that Donal had gone upto Karan Kundrra and Vishal Kotian and asked them about kitchen duties, but they said that the girls on kitchen duty have a better idea and she should ask them. Vidhi tells Donal that if it was vegetarian food she wouldn’t have asked for her help, and she should go to Tejasswi’s help otherwise the housemates will get food late. She tells her that she and Tejasswi have often started preparing for breakfast soon after they woke up or on some days when they are half sleepy too because they don’t want the others to get their meals late.

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Even Karan tells Donal that once when she was in charge of the kitchen, they got lunch during dinner time, and he appreciated Tejasswi and Vidhi for always being on time when it comes to food. Later during the day, when “Bigg Boss” announced a task, Vidhi gave her best and even got Akasa’s slippers from the storeroom which Shamita Shetty had kept. We all know these small things matter a lot when it comes to tasks in the “Bigg Boss” house and seeing her make a smart move has left us curious to see her perform in the future. This is the second week and so far we have seen Vidhi always speaking her mind and taking a stand for what’s right. This tigress is unstoppable and she has a long way to go.


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