“Wendy” E As lawsuits mount, a coli outbreak sickens more than 100 people.

According to reports, much more people than the CDC estimated last week have become ill after eating lettuce from Wendy’s sandwiches, and lawsuits against the corporation are mounting, The Post has learnt.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Friday that romaine lettuce from Wendy’s sandwiches caused 37 cases of E. coli in four states: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

However, analysts estimate the number of victims, some of whom were hospitalised, has already risen well over 100. The Michigan state health department reported this week that 98 incidents of E. coli illnesses were reported in Michigan alone in August, compared to 20 cases during the same month last year.

The government reported that the agency has connected 43 of the E. coli cases to products sold at Wendy’s and is seeking information on the other 55 cases.

The “particular food item has not yet been identified,” according to Michigan officials, but they claimed the “sandwiches topped with romaine lettuce” are the focus of their investigations.

The leafy greens have since been removed from some outlets in “certain Midwestern states,” Wendy’s claimed on Friday.

The company stated, “We are taking the precaution of replacing the sandwich lettuce at select locations in that region.”

According to Wendy’s, the lettuce used in salads is different from the lettuce used in sandwiches.

Victims are acting independently in the meantime.

Following two hospitalizations for severe diarrhoea and blood in her stool earlier this month, Sara Boren of Bowling Green, Ohio, sued Wendy’s on Monday. On August 1, she had placed an order for a Dave’s Single hamburger, cheese fries, and a Jr. Chocolate Frosty.

One of the five Ohio residents who filed a lawsuit against Wendy’s last week is Boren. Since July 31, there have been at least 22 E. coli cases reported to the local health department in Wood County, where Boren resides.

A Wendy's triple burger

According to their attorney Willam Marler, three other Michigan individuals have filed a lawsuit against the fast food behemoth.

As test results that the state agencies are monitoring come back, Marler predicted that the number of sick individuals will exceed 200 in the next days.

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