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White House partners up with faith communities to encourage Covid-19 vaccination!

Source: NBC News

With the increasing Covid-19 related hospitalizations among youngsters, CDC has practically pled them to get vaccinated. Now, the White House is partnering with faith communities across the country and will launch its month of action this week.

The aim is to encourage people to get the vaccine and get eligible adults protected against the novel coronavirus before July 4.

A White House official told that the White House Office of Faith based and Neighborhood Partnerships is mobilizing faith communities. In order to carry it out, they are working on developing and sharing resources for faith-based partners to encourage hesitant individuals within their congregations to get vaccinated.

According to the official, the White House is working with faith communities to open their houses of worship as vaccination sites. It certainly will be beneficial in convincing people to get the vaccine if they hear it from their faith leaders whom they trust.

The White House official told Fox News, “So much of this underscores what we’re seeing, which is local messengers are a big part of how the next phase of vaccinations will be successful… They want to hear from people they know and trust.”

The official added, “When a pastor or a congregational leader, or a deacon can say ‘I got vaccinated,’ that helps build confidence a lot, and breaks down these barriers.”

As told by the official, the White House has seen engagement from around 80 faith based organizations. The list includes the National Association of Evangelicals, the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, the Salvation Army, CityGate Network, Bread for the World, Catholic Charities, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, Christian Churches Together, and more.

This step has been taken amidst the increasing hospitalization of youngsters and teenagers due to Covid-19. Moreover, it will certainly be helpful for Biden administration to reach their goal to get 70% os US population to have at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The White House is also working with Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC,) which has launched a national interfaith community health worker program. It engages religious values, communities, and leaders in Covid-19 vaccine outreach with the effort called “Faith in the Vaccine.” To encourage vaccination, IFYC will train 2000 college students and community leaders from 120 college campuses and 80+ civic institutions to be impactful Faith in the Vaccine Ambassadors, supporting vaccine uptake across the nation.

June 2021