Wyoming coroner threatened during Gabby Petito presser


The Wyoming coroner who announced that Gabby Petito died of strangulation was reportedly targeted with threats and homophobic slurs when someone hacked a reporter’s account during the livestreamed press conference.

“Someone hacked my name on the coroner’s chat and asked horrible things I’m told. That wasn’t me,” NewsNationNow reporter Brian Entin said on Twitter after the incident. “It was in the chat section where questions were typed.”

The coroner’s office said there were at least four people logged into the Zoom presser using his name, the reporter for the Miami-based news outlet added. It was unclear who was behind the vile hack.

Entin’s account sent Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue multiple messages asking for his microphone to be unmuted during the virtual event, according to the Sun.

When the request was ignored, the news outlet reported, the alleged hacker wrote, “UNMUTE ME YOU BALD C—.”

“Hope you get homicided,” one of the messages to Dr. Brent Blue read.

The impersonator continued his unhinged attack, which included threats, the Sun said.

Brian Entin.
NewsNationNow reporter Brian Entin’s account was hacked during the virtual press conference and spammed multiple messages asking for his microphone to be unmuted.

“I’m gonna sue you f—- c—t” and “Hope you get homicided [sic] you f—-t,” the messages read, according to the report.

Entin has been covering the Petito case from outside the Florida home of her fugitive boyfriend Brian Laundrie’s parents since last month, according to NewsNationNow.

Although officials ruled Petito’s death a homicide, the cause of death wasn’t revealed until Tuesday afternoon when Blue briefed members of the media on the results.

“I’m gonna sue you,” the hacked account messaged after his requests to be unmuted were denied.

Laundrie returned home to his parents’ house in North Port without Petito early on Sept. 1. He refused to cooperate with police when she was reported missing on Sept. 11, and vanished shortly after.


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