Zebras seen running wild — on rural Wisconsin highway: ‘I’m not kidding!’


Who needs Tanzania when you have Seymour, Wisconsin?

The Serengeti has nothing on a tiny town with a population of 3,455 that added two more exotic visitors to its roster this week. Whoever said nothing interesting ever happens in the Midwest obviously missed this video of a pair of zebras sauntering down a Wisconsin highway.

The surprise striped commuters shocked a local garbage truck driver in Seymour, Wisconsin, as captured in a now-viral clip of the exotic encounter first posted to Facebook.

“My God, there’s literally zebras walking down the road,” said David Haupt, registering his disbelief over the pair of African equines roaming down a roadway on Tuesday. “I’m not even kidding: what in the actual …” he said in bewilderment, before trailing off.

“I’m on an African safari in a garbage truck, good Lord,” added Haupt.

He recalled to local news outlet WBAY of the bizarre encounter: “They were off in the distance, as I got closer, they looked like horses, and I got closer and I happened to be talking to somebody on my headset and I’m like ‘I think I see zebras’ and they were like no way, I’m like ‘Nope those are zebras.’”

Zebras, which can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, don’t appear to be breaking any speed limits.
David Haupt / Storyful

One thing to the wild animals’ credit: while they can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, they didn’t appear to be breaking any speeding laws as they slowly took in the local sights.

Still, the quick-thinking Haupt worried about the “friendly” pair’s safety and chased them off the road into a nearby hayfield, when he called the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office. “I’m right outside of Seymour, there’s a couple of zebras walking down the middle of the road, and if you think I’m kidding, I’m not,” said Haupt in the 911 call.

African equines may look cuddly, but be warned: "Zebras do bite."
African equines may look cuddly, but be warned: “Zebras do bite.”
David Haupt / Storyful

Officials took the stripey sighting in stride. “Well, it’s not the first exotic animal call we’ve gotten, every once in a while you get something different, but yeah having a garbage truck driver call you and say ‘well, there are two zebras in the road,’ is a bit unusual,” said Sgt. Nathan Borman, Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department in a statement to Storyful.

Officials contacted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which gave the well-cared for animals the all-clear. The zebras’ owners, who lived nearby, picked up the rogue pair about 40 minutes later and returned them home safely.

“I mean only in Wisconsin, you’re going to find all that,” said Haupt.

Well, not exactly. The sighting isn’t as unusual as it should be: earlier this month a herd of escaped zebras were seen wandering in suburban Maryland.

Anyone eagerly anticipating a future zebra sighting better bring their long lens camera. Rodney Taylor, chief of Prince George county’s animal services department, told the ABC affiliate WJLA news of the Maryland incident, “They won’t attack you [but] please do not try to corner them or try to catch them. They’re not used to being handled by humans, so they will kick. Zebras do bite.”


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