“John IS Pennsylvania,” Says Biden Of Candidate Fetterman.

John IS Pennsylvania, Says Biden Of Candidate Fetterman

On Friday, October 28, 2022, President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s third annual independence dinner in Philadelphia. If a president’s most valuable resource is time, Pennsylvania is the political hotbed for the White House this midterm election season.

The Election

President Joe Biden made his 15th trip to Pennsylvania on Friday with renewed vigor. This time, he joined Vice President Kamala Harris and other political figures for a fundraiser for Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman, Governor Josh Shapiro, and other Pennsylvania Democrats.

The president briefly discussed the concerns before emphasizing that the November 8 midterm elections were “not a referendum, it’s an option, an option between two fundamentally different visions of America.”

This year, democracy is a ballot issue, he continued. “In addition to your freedom of choice and your privacy. The significant part is that they’re saying it aloud.

Since the Senate is evenly divided, the Pennsylvania seat has been the Democrats’ best chance to pick up seats. However, as things look bleaker for Democratic incumbents elsewhere, a victory here is becoming an even more necessary insurance policy for the party to maintain control of the chamber.

Biden’s remark that all eyes are on Pennsylvania is not an exaggeration.

In the last weeks before the election, the White House has lavished praise on the Keystone State, the location of Biden’s birth, and officials are getting ready to make another trip there next week. According to Harris, the party needs to gain two more seats to pass essential Democratic agenda items like voting rights and abortion rights.

Harris pointed at two other seats and remarked, “Two more seats.” “Only two seats remain. Right here, one of them.

The event on Friday came three days after Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke he claims nearly killed him earlier this year, had a weak performance in his lone debate with Republican Mehmet Oz. In his signature sweatshirt and jeans, he spoke calmly to the crowd, stating that he wanted to provide all Americans with the same high-quality healthcare that saved his life.

To a standing ovation, he said, “So I may not always say everything correctly, but I’ll still do the right thing if you take me to Washington, D.C.

The state party’s largest annual fundraiser is a dinner at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and according to party leaders, the $1 million raised was the most ever. U.S. Senator Bob Casey and U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright, for whom Biden hosted a virtual fundraiser earlier this week, were among the attendees.

In his speech, Biden targeted House Republicans, highlighting their intentions to increase the cost of prescription drugs, slash Medicare and Social Security, and enact a national abortion ban. He cautioned that Republicans would repeal the Affordable Care Act, including its provisions protecting those with pre-existing diseases, energy tax credits, and the 15% corporate minimum tax if they were to win.

“Among other things, that is their strategy. It is risky and irresponsible, and it will worsen inflation. The president predicted that middle-class Americans would suffer greatly.

According to polls, the battle for the Senate is close between Fetterman and Oz. Some spectators were astonished by the Democrat’s performance during the discussion, and party leaders were alarmed. His campaign attempted to downplay Tuesday’s performance by claiming that Fetterman has never been good at debates and that the closed-captioning device he used as an aid was flawed. The next day, he gave a polished 13-minute stump speech in Pittsburgh.

In western Pennsylvania’s Westmoreland County, the party’s vice chair, a dentist named Ravi Balu, heard from several people concerned or taken aback by Fetterman’s performance. He claimed that he assured them that he would recover despite Fetterman’s ongoing stroke-related problems and always be more “relatable” than Oz.

Balu remarked, “It’s something he took a big chance on. “However, I also believe that he received a lot of sympathy from people.”

The White House emphasized this week that Biden’s private discussions with the lieutenant governor led him to believe Fetterman is physically capable of serving in public office and cited analyses from outside medical experts who said his stuttering speech did not indicate a problem with his cognitive abilities.

“John IS Pennsylvania.”

Biden stated on Friday that “John LEAVES NOBODY BEHIND” and “John IS Pennsylvania.”

Biden saw a portion of the Tuesday night debate. According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “he believed Lt. Governor John Fetterman performed outstandingly,” in an email on Friday.

While this is going on, Fetterman’s campaign and national Democratic organizations are spending money on TV ads featuring debate footage of Oz saying, “I want women, doctors, and local government leaders” to decide the future of a woman’s right to an abortion.

The statement, which quickly went viral on social media following the debate, was intended to contextualize Oz’s opposition to a federal prohibition that would restrict access to abortion in Pennsylvania even though he is anti-abortion. Democrats counter that it is evidence that Oz wants lawmakers in waiting rooms and exam rooms with female patients.

When Biden brought up the incident on Friday, the audience laughed at his perplexed expression as he considered the remarks.

Local political leaders, you heard me correctly, he remarked. The basic fact is that I will veto any nationwide abortion ban passed by Congress if Republicans take control of the chamber. Roe v. Wade will be codified in January so that it becomes the law of the land if we manage to preserve control of the house and elect two more Democrats to the Senate.

Like the rest of the country, Pennsylvania’s Biden approval ratings are declining, raising the question of whether Democrats would benefit from having him in the race in a year in which Republicans are experiencing favorable electoral trends.

But in 2020, Biden fared far better in Philadelphia and its four “collar” counties, especially among Republican moderates. This enabled him to defeat Donald Trump, who was running for president at the time.

There, the Democratic president probably still enjoys popularity.

Energizing voters in Philadelphia and its densely populated suburbs, which are home to one in three registered Pennsylvania voters, according to Democratic political strategist Mark Nevins, is “a keystone to a democratic win in Pennsylvania in the Senate election and the governor’s race, and honestly in some of these suburban races as well.”

Even if there is considerable disagreement over whether Biden can aid in the campaign, his capacity to generate money is “the one area that’s a constant.” There, presidents can be helpful. There is no question that they will accept a president’s assistance in raising money in these costly contests, according to a political science professor, Christopher Borick, and pollster at Muhlenberg College in Allentown.

It’s the Homeland

Pennsylvania has served as something of a homeland for Biden as well.

It’s where he spent a portion of his boyhood, frequently ran for office on behalf of other Democrats and himself, and where, throughout his 36 years serving as a senator from Delaware next door, Democrats referred to him as “Pennsylvania’s third senator.”