Nicholas Jonas

Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American actor, singer, songwriter born on September 16, 1992. At the age of seven, he started acting in theater and released his debut single in 2002. He has a band with his older brother Kevin and Joe called Jonas Brothers, the American pop-rock band. Their debut album is called “It’s About Time”. The 1st album didn’t get much success. The band got famous with their 2nd album, gained worldwide recognition, and sold 17 million copies worldwide. In 2013, he got separated from the band. He formed his band Nick Jonas & the Administration and gave many hit albums. 

Nicholas Jonas Nipples –

Nicholas is always in the limelight, and this time for his nipples. Ever since he left Jonas’s brother, his image transformed from innocent purity ring-wearing kid to fit, bulge-grabbing babe. He had a massive transformation, and his nipples got a lot of attention. One can find pictures of his swollen nubs on various social media sites as he plays with water. The images spread very fast, and fans believed that he has big nipples. The paparazzi clicked plenty of pictures of him at the beach. Only one question in everyone’s mind was how big are his nipples? Lots of memes, jokes, etc., were made out of the picture. 

During an interview, Nicholas said the pictures which traveled around the internet are fake, but many people think it is real. He said he is at the beach and doesn’t have a shirt on his body, and his nipples are humongous in the picture, and he looks so big. In the interview, he was asked why his nipples are so prominent? All he replied was it was of perfect size. He said it a photoshop picture, not the real one. The image circulated in 2015, but still, people are talking about the big nipples, which are shocking.

According to Nicholas’s brothers, they find this entire thing so hilarious. They called it the funniest thing ever, and it was poor Nicholas who watched in terror. 








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