Racing star Lewis Hamilton fumes at his team and calls out the Mercedes strategy

Racing star Lewis Hamilton fumes at his team and calls out the Mercedes strategy

A controversial Mercedes strategy decision dropped Lewis Hamilton from first to fourth place in the closing laps of the Dutch Grand Prix. Hamilton appeared to have a good chance of claiming his first season victory when he and teammate George Russell led Max Verstappen in the closing stages. Still, Mercedes pitted Russell for soft tires, leaving Hamilton, on eight-lap-old medium tires, vulnerable at the restart. Verstappen quickly passed Hamilton on the final straight as the race resumed before cruising to victory. Russell and Leclerc also passed Hamilton, leaving the seven-time world champion in fourth place.

“I can’t believe you guys screwed me,” said Hamilton on Radio

Lewis Hamilton criticized his Mercedes team over the radio for making a decision that altered the outcome of the Dutch Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver spent the entire race competing against Max Verstappen for the victory. However, the team’s refusal to pit him during a late Safety Car period caused him to finish in fourth place. Verstappen pitted and switched from hard to soft tires, giving Hamilton the lead in the race. The star Briton led until a late safety car period forced him to defend on slower tires than his rivals, allowing Max Verstappen of Red Bull to take the victory home.

The Briton stated on the team’s radio, “That was the greatest screw-up.” The safety car had to pass through the pitlane after Bottas had stopped directly next to the pit wall, which resulted in nearly all drivers stopping to put on a new set of tires. George Russell was equipped with soft tires, allowing him to quickly pass his teammate. Meanwhile, Hamilton, who was upbeat on the radio just a few laps earlier, could be heard expressing his rage. “I cannot believe you screwed me like that. I cannot express how pissed I am.”

Lewis Hamilton has been successful in racing since his debut, winning at least one race every year that he competed. However, as the season has progressed, the likelihood of a Mercedes victory remains remote. They had a chance to win the race, but the safety car gave the victory to Max Verstappen. Hamilton and Verstappen finished the race in familiar proximity (under the safety car). However, as soon as the green flag was displayed, Verstappen flew past him like a jet and soon had a two-second advantage over the Briton. The race turned out to be a letdown for Mercedes fans, while the Oranje Army received what they anticipated. Verstappen and Red Bull now have an enormous lead over their competitors, while Ferrari has closed a 30-point gap with Mercedes.

Mercedes’s strategy cost Lewis Hamilton to miss out on the Dutch Grand Prix victory, but the British racer still apologized.

Lewis Hamilton initially stated that he would not control his emotions while racing, despite sending several profanity-laced messages to his Mercedes team during the Dutch Grand Prix. The British driver was dissatisfied with the team’s strategy decision, which deprived him of the opportunity to contend for victory and a podium finish. In the closing stages of a race won by Max Verstappen of Red Bull, he exploded over the team radio when he was left on worn-out tires and quickly dropped from first to fourth.

Hamilton claimed that intense emotions were a natural part of his personality. He said, “I can’t apologize for my passion because that’s just how I’m made, and I’m not always right.” Nevertheless, he expressed regret and acknowledged that he had gone too far. “My emotions were on the verge of bursting, and I apologize to the team because I don’t even remember what I said. I was momentarily confused. However, I believe they recognize the extent of the passion.”

Lewis Hamilton apologized for his foul-mouthed rant over team radio after being brutally denied a chance to win the Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday, September 4th. Mercedes appeared to have executed a brilliant strategy by committing both drivers to a one-stop plan, but they were foiled by the safety car’s deployment in the final 72 laps of the race. After the race, Toto Wolff also apologized to Lewis Hamilton over the radio, but the Mercedes team principal insisted they were “screwed” no matter their decision.

Wolff stated, “First and foremost, we are the garbage can for the driver.” “It’s highly emotional when you’re so close to winning, and then you’re devoured. Therefore, it is evident that every emotion is expressed, and as the driver, you are in the cockpit, you are alone, and you cannot see what is occurring.” “We discussed at the moment whether we should take a risk to win the race. Yes, we’re taking risks. It was sensible for him to maintain his position with a medium tire that was five laps old.”

Hamilton is winless this season despite coming close to winning in Zandvoort before the late safety car derailed the successful Mercedes strategy. However, because they neglected to change his tires, he was left defenseless on the track and quickly passed. However, the seven-time champion stated unequivocally that he had complete faith in his Mercedes teammates.

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